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The “PETIT FRENCH FOODIEBOOK 1” is a colorful, interactive ebook for small children, available for Ipad at Apple Books - one of the few applications that displays colorful, interactive picture books in incredibly great quality. On 15 pages, children aged 2-5 can learn English, French, German and soon Italian with the help of fun animations. Some of these animations start independently, some can be triggered by a button with a question mark. Cute animations, quiet pleasant sounds and the search for the little and very friendly „PETIT MACARON“ motivates small children.

The motifs in the book are intended to show young children how important fresh food is and how important it is to prepare your own meals.

Le Petit Macaron, among other things, rolls through the picture between nine different types of fruit with a slice of pineapple, is heartily happy about his broccoli soup and at the end of the book you can put together your own veggie burger. Learning languages healthily – delicious, delicious! delicieux! :)

OVERVIEW Foodiebook 1 eng franz.jpg
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